Sunday, April 14, 2013

Working Away

Later Reds, 2012.  oil on canvas, 30 x 34. sold

A painting from late last year.  

I continue to explore thicker passages of paint. 
 Its a slow process and the paintings take forever to dry,
 I'm pleased with where I think the work is headed. 



Laurie Kubicek said...

I really, really love this one's gorgeous!

John Karl Claes said...

Thanks Laurie!

TWB said...

Hi John, I really love this painting and was lucky enough to view it at Elliot Fouts Gallery before it sold. There was a similar painting --- similar reds at least-- that was much smaller, an 8 by 10 I think that was on display at the old gallery before they moved. Do you have a digital image of that one? I really connected with it.